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Tree is man's best friend. Let us join hands with nature to save the world.
Dahanu - A town by the sea
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Dahanu Taluka Environment Welfare Association (DTEWA)
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The organisation has been crusading for the cause of environmental justice for the last two decades. Opposing the setting up of a coal based thermal power plant in the region in 1989, the group has since pursued a successful legal strategy to protect Dahanu from unplanned industrialisation and environmental degradation.

With DTEWA's lobbying, Dahanu was declared an ecologically fragile area by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, in 1991 and a special authority has been constituted to oversee Dahanu's development. The DTEWA ensured that the overall development of Dahanu Taluka is in consonance with the principle of environmental protection and social justice and for this it continues to play a significant role ensuring that Town and Regional Plans for Dahanu Taluka made by government authorities are in compliance with environmentally sound values.

Several of the legal victories have in fact been landmarks in the history of environmental struggles in India, the latest one in March 2005 directing the local thermal power plant to guarantee the setting up of FGD, a pollution control device, by a bank guarantee of Rs. 300 crore as the plant was evading to install one for over 18 years. The DTEWA is demanding that the coal-based plant switch to a cleaner option like natural gas given the horticultural and agricultural character of the region.

Besides, the DTEWA is involved in campaigning on other environmental issues such as solid waste management, afforestation and conservation of mangroves. The DTEWA consists of a group of local resident farmers and activists and has the legal support from sensitive lawyers in Mumbai.
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